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Decorative Stainless Steel Sheet

Decorative stainless steel sheets for work finish are unique for its beauty and durability, and suitable for any usage in any environment. It is easy to maintain in the long term. With modern technology and relentless development, our decorative stainless steel sheets are popular and selected to be used indoor and outdoor for furniture and kitchenware. Nowadays, decorative stainless steel sheets are also used in food industry such as beer factory and pipeline in dairy factory.

We, TGPRO, understand the need of different applications, so we constantly discovers and develops our products to satisfy the customers’ demand. We are the only company in the world that manufactures polished stainless steel sheets that are No.7, No.8, and Mirror with the gloss of 500-550 GU. We also manufacture total coils of stainless steel sheet that are No.4, hairline, and embassing. Industiral stainless steel sheets are 2B sheet, BA sheet, No.1 sheet Grade 304, 304L, 306L and 430. With its unique features, the stainless steel sheets are commonly seen in everyday life and tend to gain more popularity in the future.

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